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General Information

General InformationInformation about the Birth
Information about your progress in labor or news of your baby’s birth are special. In the interest of patient confidentiality, hospital staff members do not provide information to others. Your labor partner may share this information with relatives and friends. There is a telephone in each delivery and Mother/Baby room.

Use of Cameras and Video-Cameras
Hand-held cameras and battery-operated video cameras without a tripod may be used in the labor/delivery area. The family is responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to the equipment.

Permission from your physician or midwife is required for videotaping, and he or she reserves the right to request that taping be stopped at any time. Permission must be received from your nurse or other caregivers before taking a picture.

For the protection of all our families, no use of audiovisual equipment will be permitted in the Cesarean Section Room or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (except in the family interaction room).

Visitors During Labor and Delivery
Most women agree that one or two supportive labor coaches are all the visitors they need during labor and delivery. Siblings and children age 12 and under should not come to the hospital while you are in labor, unless they are with an adult who is able to watch them. Immediately after delivery, it is usually fine for others to visit for a short time.

Mother/Baby Unit

  • A spouse or significant other may stay with you throughout the remainder of your stay. They must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Visiting hours are at the discretion of the new mother. We do encourage you to limit visitors to allow you time to bond with your baby and rest.

Visitors should use the main entrance to the hospital and take the visitor elevators to the third floor.

For Your Baby’s Health
For your baby's health Family and friends who are ill or who have been exposed to chicken pox or measles should not come to visit you in the hospital. Everyone holding the baby must wash their hands first.

While in labor and delivery, cellular phones may interfere with monitoring equipment. We ask that you use cellular phones only in the family waiting room. On the mother/baby unit, cellular phones may be used. Wi-fi is also available.

Birth Certificate
Please begin to fill out the birth certificate worksheet you received at one of your prenatal visits and bring it with you to the hospital. After delivery, you can finish this worksheet, and the hospital’s Health Information Services Department will use this to prepare your baby’s birth certificate application before you leave the hospital.

Birth certificates may be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office. Certified copies of the birth certificate are available approximately 6 to 8 weeks after your child’s birth.

You may also apply for your baby’s Social Security number when completing the birth certificate worksheet. A long delay in receiving the number is common. If you need the number quickly, it is suggested that you apply directly at your nearest Social Security Office.

Any questions regarding this information should be directed to the Health Information Services Department at 734-712-3526.

Baby’s Security
Your baby’s safety is a responsibility shared both by you and by the hospital staff. Some of our hospital practices include:

  • An electronic security system and matching identification bands are used for babies and parents.
  • All hospital staff wear identification badges.
  • Hospital staff observe any baby who is in the nursery.
  • Nursery doors are kept locked.
  • We ask that you never leave your baby alone in your room.

Car Seats
Make sure that you have an approved car seat. Many states, including Michigan, require the use of a child restraint system. You will want to be sure the car seat fits in your car and know how to install and use it properly.

Infant Pictures
You may have your baby’s pictures taken before you leave the hospital. We also offer a web posting service, which gives you the ability to have your baby's first portrait posted on a special web site. Pictures are taken in patient rooms to allow for parents’ preference in poses. Some parents choose to dress the baby in a special outfit for pictures. Visit our online nursery.

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