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Welcome to the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System! We are happy to have you and your students here and hope that you have an educational and satisfying clinical experience in our facility.

All instructors who teach in our health system must complete the following steps before the beginning of the semester:

  1. If you are a new instructor to our facility, contact the Affiliating Schools Coordinator to sign up for a New Faculty Orientation class that is offered each semester. This is how you may obtain computer and PIXYS sign on codes. You may also review the Faculty Orientation/Information for reference.
  2. If you are not new faculty, but have either not taught in our facility for at least a year, or forgot your sing on code, contact the Affiliating Schools Coordinator to get a new sign on code for PCIS and PIXYS.
  3. Review the Required Student Forms (these are located in the Student link as well) that you must submit. Key for Post Test is located under Faculty Orientation/Information. Please submit all forms, at the same time, to the Affiliating Schools Coordinator, BEFORE you start your clinical rotation. Please be sure your paperwork is labeled with your name, class and unit.

Please send all above information to the Affiliating Schools Coordinator:
Affiliating Schools Coordinator
Employee Education and Development
Administrative Services Building
Suite 1B-75
5301 East Huron River Drive
P.O. Box 995
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0995