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CyberKnife® Radiosurgery: Proven Revolutionary Cancer Care

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan - First hospital in the state to offer CyberKnife®

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System (SJMHS) significantly enhanced its leadership capabilities in cancer care with the addition of CyberKnife®. Worldwide, more than 40,000 patients have been treated with this remarkable technology. SJMHS is part of a global team using CyberKnife® to fight cancer.

There are more than 125 CyberKnife® Systems at the world's top medical centers. SJMHS had the first one in Michigan. Our doctors collaborate with other international cancer experts who have used CyberKnife® to eliminate thousands of tumors throughout the body. SJMHS has the experience and proven results you may be searching for. Learn more >>

daVinci® Robot

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is the only hospital in the Ann Arbor area to provide adult cardiac and thoracic surgeries using the daVinci® robot. Combined with other minimally invasive techniques offered at SJMH, this pioneering approach avoids the drawbacks of traditional heart and lung surgery, such as the pain and scarring that result from cutting the breastbone and opening the ribs. SJMH began using the daVinci® in February 2006 for prostatectomies and is also using it for gynecologic cases. Learn more >>