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Saint Joseph Mercy Health System’s department of surgery includes the highly specialized surgical practice of Podiatric Surgery. Our caring, expert staff physicians can offer you treatment and rehabilitation of foot and ankle disorders using the latest technology and techniques. Our podiatric surgeons provide complete services for care and treatment of the foot and ankle. Podiatric surgeons are uniquely qualified to detect the early stages and warning signs of disease in the lower extremities along with managing foot conditions that can pose a threat to the overall health of a patient (ie., diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease).

The Foot
The foot consists of 26 major bones and 35 attachments of muscles and major ligaments. While the top of the foot consists of one intrinsic muscle and tendon the bottom consists of 3 layers of muscles for a total of 15 different muscles. The average person walks 120 steps per minute. During jogging the vertical force on your foot increases to 2 1/2 times your body weight. Also noteworthy is that the initial spike while walking is 80% of body weight and 120% of body weight for jogging. Our podiatry departments is comprised of physicians especially trained in the complexity of the foot and ankle and are ready to give you the kind of high quality care you deserve.

There have been many innovations over the years in the surgical correction of the bunion deformity. These procedures have proven to be safe and reliable in repairing the deformity with minimal trauma to the patient. Our podiatry department is made up of specialists who perform hundreds of procedures a year. Exactly the kind of expertise your foot needs.

Stiff Big Toe
Limitation of motion of the big toe is by some accounts the second leading cause of disabling deformity of the great toe. The term hallux rigidus is used to describe this problem. There are many causes of this problem however the end result is excessive compression of the joint. There are many procedures available to return motion to your joint that our podiatrists perform on a regular bases.

Hammer Toes:
Hammer toes may be the most common digital deformity. This deformity can make it impossible to comfortably wear shoes and be active. Surgical realignment of the toes can quickly return you to comfort.

Heel Pain:
Pain on the weight-bearing surface of the heel may be the most common complaint associated with the foot. Heal pain can be caused by a variety of aliments including tumors, infection, stress fractures, nerve entrapement, inflammatory arthropathies, and plantar fasciitis. It is very important to have any kind heel pain checked out immediately. Call today to be seen by one of specialists with the experience you can rely on to evaluate your heel pain.

Fractures and Dislocations:
Ankle sprains, stress fractures, and other foot fractures can be difficult to diagnose and treat due to the complexity of the foot and ankle. Our specialists have access to the latest diagnostic tools as well as the latest in physical therapy to help you get back on your feet.

Diabetic Foot care
Diabetics have the highest rate of foot amputations. Peripheral neuropathy is the most common causes of diabetic foot complications. It is estimated that 60% of diabetics have peripheral polyneuropathy. This makes it especially important that diabetics have a podiatrist that the can rely on to help them manage any foot complications. Our podiatrist will also make sure that you have proper shoes that fit properly, and monitor the condition of your feet on a regular bases.

Arthritis and Foot Deformities
Rheumatoid and other arthritic conditions can cause a variety of deformities in the foot. Correcting these deformities may involve a single joint or digit at times or a section of the foot. The goal may be to restore function or to relive pain.

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