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Meet our Staff

Mission Statement
The Department of Anesthesiology mission is to provide safe, high quality and compassionate care to our surgical, procedural and pain patients. We serve together in Trinity Health, in the spirit of the gospel, to heal body, mind and spirit; to improve the health of our communities; and to steward the resources entrusted to us.

Dr. Plona
Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, PhD., M.D.
Regional Chair and Medical Director 
Matthew McCord, M.D.
Co-Chair and Educational Director 
Beth Gehan, M.D.
Ambulatory Surgical Facility Co-Director
Alan Plona, M.D.
Ambulatory Surgical Facility Co-Director
Angel Gomez, M.D.
Livingston Chair and Medical Director
Dr. Marcovitz
Timothy Cahill, M.D.
St. Mary Mercy Livonia's Chair and Medical Director
Michael Marcovitz, M.D.
Chelsea Medical Director
Anthony Edelman, M.D.
Member at Large
Acute Pain Service Director 
Marc Tuchman, M.D.
Off Site Medical Anesthesia Director 
Michele Fliss, M.D.
Canton Medical Director
Dr. Coffman
Steven Slack, M.D.
Michigan Orthopedic Surgery Center Medical Director 
Benton Fong, M.D.
Education, Co-Director
Member at Large
Conscious Sedation Advisor
Trauma/Audit Anesthesia Co-Advisor
Brandon Gaetino, M.D.
Michigan Pain Institute Medical Director
Traci Coffman, M.D.
Pre-Procedure Testing Medical Director
Douglas Hoye, M.D.
Pediatric Anesthesia Director
Kevin Klimek, M.D.
P&T Physician Advisor
Medication Use Subcommittee Chair 
Jason Adams, M.D.
Trauma/Audit Anesthesia Co-Advisor
David Swastek, M.D.
Obstetric Anesthesia Director 
James DeMeester, M.D.
Anesthesia Equipment Director 
Cardiac Anesthesia Director
Scott Russell, M.D.
Anesthesia Critical Care Advisor 
Neeraja Ravikant, M.D.
Member at Large, Director of Quality and Anesthesia Code Blue Advisor

The Department of Anesthesiology has a multitude of opportunities to explore scientific clinical questions through our involvement in intra-operative anesthesia, acute and chronic pain management and OB anesthesia.

Dr. Matthew McCord

  • Aprotinin and Hip surgery
  • Lead Investigator for Outpatient Perineural Catheter Study looking at improved pain management techniques for outpatient orthopedic surgery
  • Comparison of epidural analgesia versus OnQ wound infiltration for colorectal surgical pain
Gerald Kiers
Gerald Kiers
Co-Lead CRNA
Irene Robb
Laurene Sikorski

Poppy Richards
Scheduling Coordinator

April Schaecher
Billing Coordinator

Michelle Chiotti
Administrative Assistant

Michele Wyngard
SAM Administrator

Linda Gallerani
SAM Support

Ann Arbor / Livingston / Brighton / Saline

Anesthesiologists Nurse Anesthetists Anesthesia Technicians
Jason Adams, MD
Siraj Alseri, MD
Roderick Beer, MD
Rohit Bhave, MD
Thomas Bonifer, MD
Peter Bozeman, MD
Timothy Cahill, MD
Andrew Caughey, MD
Traci Coffman, MD
John Cowen, MD
Anthony Cueto, MD
James DeMeester, MD
Michael Dorsey, MD
Anthony Edelman, MD
David Emerson, MD
Michele Fliss, MD
Benton Fong, MD
Brandon Gaetino, MD
Beth Gehan, MD
Angel Gomez, MD
Zheng Ping “Jay” Guo, MD
Benjamin Guslits, MD
Douglas Hoye, MD
Thomas Jeffries, MD
Jonathan Kaper, MD
Kristen Kaufman, MD
Joseph Kileny, MD
Jonathon Kivela, MD
Kevin Klimek, MD
Robert Knapp, MD
Bryan Lin, MD
Sean Logan, MD
Michael Marcovtiz, MD
Mathew McCord, MD
Judy Negele, MD
Daniel Nicoli, MD
David Peng, MD
Alan Plona, MD
Neeraja Ravikant, MD
Kellie Reading, MD
John Rivard, MD
Thomas Rodziewicz, MD
Scott, Russell, MD
Steven Slack, MD
David Swastek, MD
Samuel Talsma, MD
Jeremy Thiess, MD
Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, Ph, MD
Marc Tuchman, MD
Vishnu Vanaharam, MD
Jon Vandervliet, MD
Stephanie Wade, MD
Catherine Ward, DO
Hsing An, CRNA
Abbey Barden, CRNA
James Beckman,CRNA
Denise Berry
Mary Brennan,CRNA
Barbara Browne, CRNA
David Buckeridge, CRNA
Jackie Buckeridge, CRNA
Joanne Cafarelli,CRNA
Rhonda Chinyadza,CRNA
Brian Darling, CRNA
Jacyln Deutscher,CRNA
Susan Duerr-Trebilcock, CRNA
Sheela Federici, CRNA
Michael Fleming, CRNA
Barbara Fleszar, CRNA
Marichal Foley, CRNA
Betsy Foote, CRNA
Felecia Garcia, CRNA
Kathy Gottfried, CRNA
Mary Hatam, CRNA
Ali Hayes, CRNA
Rachel Henderson, CRNA
Susan Johnson, CRNA
Carrie Jones, CRNA
Gerard Kiers, CRNA
Kim Koning-Randall, CRNA
Leslie Lenz, CRNA
Jamal Makled, CRNA
Martha Leveque, CRNA
Patricia McCleary, CRNA
Melanie McNicholas, CRNA
Linda Myers, CRNA
Julianne Nelson, CRNA
Kirk Poenicke, CRNA
Victoria Portman, CRNA
Tisha Prusak, CRNA
Michael Romej, CRNA
Mark Scarberry, CRNA
Jennie Sekiya, CRNA
Rebecca Sharoian, CRNA
Jason Sheffield, CRNA
Laurene Sikorsk, CRNA
Margie Smail, CRNA
Ashley Smith, CRNA
Marilyn Stanton, CRNA
Erin Swain , CRNA
Kerry Tabbey, CRNA
Julie Thelen, CRNA
Kathleen Tomkinson, CRNA
Brenda Vecchio, CRNA
Kyle Zillich, CRNA
Stephanie Zillich, CRNA
Dayna Ziembowicz, CRNA

Dawn Belote
John Bertorello
Dawn Bowersox
Lynda Campbell
Michele Carrier
Roxane Crawford
Linnie Griffin
Tina Keipp
Yves Pilotte
Mary Roberson
Eric Vogler
Barb Wild
Shelley Wilson

Livingston / Brighton
Nurse Anesthetists
Janey Bach, CRNA
Janey Emery, CRNA
Julie Karwick, Lead CRNA
Maria McCuster, CRNA
Tom Schmania, CRNA
Curt Vogel, CRNA

Nurse Practitioners
Mary Baginiski, NP
Sara Bomgaars, NP
Pam Ceo, NP
Elizabeth Stuart, NP

Michigan Pain Institute
Brandon Gaetino, MD
Roderick Beer, MD
John Cowen, MD
Anthony Cueto, MD
Michael Marcovitz, MD
Karen Park, MD
Scott Russell, MD
Rosalie Karen Park, MD
Steven Silverman, MD
Brandy Perko, PA
Jesse Ittiara, PA
Ross Halpern, PhD. Psychologost

Michigan Pain Specialists
Edward Washabaugh, MD
John Chatas, MD
Louis Bojrab, MD
Alex Shalhoub, MD
Joan Westbrook, PA
Denise Provencher, PA

St. Mary Mercy Livonia

Anesthesiologists Nurse Anesthetists

Khalil Dirani, MD
Gregory Dwight, DO
Glenn Gall, DO
Susan Molina, MD
Cheryl Patterson, MD
Philip Wolok, MD

Anesthesia Technicians
Kelly McAskin
Tracy Thomas

Pre-Procedure Testing
Mary Baginowski, NP
Sara Bomgaars, NP
Pam Ceo, NP
Elizabeth Stuart, NP

Dawn Aubuchon, CRNA
Mike Biller, CRNA
Violet Bojicic, CRNA
Colleen Brainard, CRNA
Kim Brown, CRNA
Brenni Brown-Polanski, CRNA
Amanda Cholak, CRNA
Kathleen Collins, CRNA
Jack Downs, CRNA
Nichole Edelman, CRNA
Karen Giera, CRNA
Tina Glowski, CRNA
Rosalyn Harrison, CRNA
Wanda Hartsfield, CRNA
Gail Ian, CRNA
Darlene Iwaniw, CRNA
Cathy Jackson, CRNA
Lisa Jurich, CRNA
Jayne Kennedy, CRNA
Vicki Lyskawa, CRNA
Cindy Nadeau, CRNA
Karen Pardo, CRNA
Chitra Pinjarkar, CRNA
Elyse Raybuck, CRNA
Christine Ross, CRNA
Qingyun Ruan, CRNA
Eric Silvestri, CRNA
Shari Sparkman, CRNA
Cheryl Speers, CRNA
Tammy Staub, CRNA
Sherei Switzer, CRNA
Troy Timko, CRNA
Misty Tyburski, CRNA
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