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Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is vital during the moments when you’re unable to properly communicate or make decisions as it relates to your medical treatment due to injury or illness.

Our goal is to empower you to make decisions, while providing you with the tools and resources to:

  • Reflect on what you want.
  • Talk with your family, primary care physicians, specialists and friends.
  • Designate a Patient Advocate who can best carry out your wishes.
  • Write your wishes and Patient Advocate down in an Advance Directives (Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care). 

Important Documents

Why do you need to complete an Advance Directives document?

Putting your plan in writing helps people accurately remember your plan, makes it easier to communicate to health care providers who do not know you and serves as a legal document. A valid document includes:

  • Designation of a Patient Advocate
  • Your signature properly witnessed
  • Your Patient Advocate signature of acceptance

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