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Cancer CCOP Ranked "Exceptional"
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Saint Joseph Mercy Health System’s Michigan Cancer Research Consortium CCOP obtains “Exceptional Rating”

High Marks Lead to Recommended $11 million Budget Over Five Years

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System’s (SJMHS) Michigan Cancer Research Consortium Community Clinical Oncology Program (MCRC-CCOP) has received an “exceptional” rating from the National Cancer Institute grant review panel and a recommended $11 million for continued cancer research.

"St. Joe’s features a 10 percent patient clinical trial participation rate, which is among the highest participation rates in the United States - far above the national average of 4 percent,” says Philip Stella, MD, medical director and principal investigator of the grant. “The continued funding of the CCOP demonstrates the success that the network has brought to patients in their community cancer centers.”

“We are proud to be part of this elite group of cancer centers across the country as we continue to make progress in all aspects of cancer care including clinical trial participation,” Stella adds.

In July 2011, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System submitted an 800-page, re-compete grant application highlighting the past five years of performance, along with its 2012-17 research plan. Federal grants are scored based on a scale of 10 to 90; 10 being exceptionally strong with essentially no weaknesses and 90 being very poor. After careful consideration, SJMHS received an impressive score of 14.

”This exceptional achievement was earned through the dedication and hard work of all participants in the Michigan Cancer Research Consortium CCOP,” comments John Stout, oncology business line leader at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System. “Every staff person involved in the CCOP has been instrumental to its growth and development. It is also important to recognize the 13 other component hospitals of the MCRC-CCOP, since 1994, that has lead to the success.”

The CCOP offers patients the opportunity to participate in leading edge research that is usually only available at a Comprehensive Cancer Center, and would require patients to travel from their home. More than 140 cancer treatment, symptom management and preventions studies are available to patients at St. Joe’s. The CCOP has been funded by the National Cancer Institute since 1994 and has entered more than 5,000 patients in clinical trials.

Created in 1983 by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the CCOP network allows patients and physicians to participate in state-of-the-art clinical trials for cancer prevention and treatment while in their local communities. There are 47 CCOPS currently funded in 35 states across the country, and Puerto Rico. For more information about the Michigan Cancer Research Consortium CCOP call 734-712-5658 or visit