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Michigan Heart Nurse Saves Life in Kroger Dairy Aisle
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Walking through the dairy aisle at her local Kroger on Saturday, March 2, Karen Benefield, RN, Cardiac Cath Lab, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, never expected to hear “call 9-1-1.” But when she did, Karen did not hesitate to switch into nurse-mode to help save a life.

“I rushed over and found a man laying on the floor. He didn’t have a pulse and did not look well,” said Karen. ”I identified myself as someone who knew CPR and could help.” She immediately began chest compressions while another bystander performed rescue breathing. Emergency Medical Services quickly arrived on the scene and jolted the man’s heart back to normal rhythm using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Before he was transported to the hospital, he was alert and able to answer questions from emergency medical personnel.

Karen was able to connect with patient’s sister and learned that he suffered a heart attack but is doing well.

Karen says of her experience, “My hope is that everyone learns CPR. That’s what kept this man alive until the rescue unit arrived.”

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