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Considering Surgery

Should I have surgery?

Many surgeries are performed on an emergency basis and there is little or no time to consider this question. There are many types of procedures that are either elective or necessary to your medical condition as recommended by your physician. This allows you to have more time to become an informed member of your treatment team and permits you to make more decisions about your surgery, including whether or not to have a particular procedure.

Surgical procedures, now more than ever, offer an increased number of less invasive options. Talk with your surgeon about any alternatives that may be available. Surgery may not be the only option available. It is important that you understand all of your treatment options and why surgery is suggested. Here are a few things to discuss with your doctor about the recommendation for surgery:

  • Your current health and medical history and implications for surgery
  • The severity of your medical condition
  • Potential non-surgical options
  • Living without surgery, risks, trade offs or any benefits

What are the benefits of my surgery?

It is important to discuss with your surgeon the realistic benefits to having any surgical procedure. There are many procedures that have short-term results others can have long-lasting, even permanent effects. There are even surgeries that may require additional medical treatment or further surgical intervention.

In choosing a surgeon and a facility, experience is the number one most important aspect to consider. Choose a surgeon who has extensive training and experience in performing the surgery.

Will I have inpatient our outpatient surgery?

Today, more than ever, there are many surgeries that are performed on an outpatient basis. Be sure that you fully discuss with your surgeon the procedure, how long it may take, and recovery time. It is important for you to be fully prepared for either an inpatient stay or to return to home.

At times even a planned outpatient procedure may have some unforeseen complications that may lead to a need an overnight stay. Speak with your surgeon to see if your type of surgery or if you may have any particular medical conditions that may increase the risk for developing postoperative complications. Your surgical team will do everything possible to prepare you for the type of surgery planned.

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