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St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Patient Care Experience

Why choose Saint Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Hospital? Listen to what our patients are saying about us.

Kevin Siebarth  

Acute Rehabilitation Patient

Kevin shares his life changing story and the remarkable care he received along his healing journey.

Edward Shaffran  

Pastoral Ministry Volunteer

Edward tells us about his experiences volunteering at St. Joe's for 26 years.

Jim Pantelas  

Lung Cancer Survivor

Jim shares his story of remarkable care at St. Joe's.          

Diane Watt  

Crohn's Patient

Diane shares her story of our remarkable approach to Crohn's treatment.   

James Glutting  

Barrett's Esophagus Treatment

James shares his story of how a routine endoscopy saved his life.      

Dorthea Ross  

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Patient

Dorthea Ross talks about new hope and her experience with TAVR.          

Judi Kline  

Coronary Calcium Score Patient

Judi Kline talks about her experience getting a 5-minute coronary calcium score and how it saved her life.

Gail Panoff  

Breast Cancer Survivor

Gail Panoff reflects on her patient experience with the St. Joe's Cancer team. She is also an Experience Advisor.

Judy Azzopardi  

Colon Cancer Survivor

Judy Azzopardi recalls her remarkable experience and how she felt the team was always there to answer her questions.

Kathleen Arbini  

CyberKnife Patient

Kathleen Arbini talks about how CyberKnife improve her life.

Diane Smalley  

Gynecologic Oncology Patient

Diane did not expect the level of kindness she received at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, and later became an Experience Advisor.

Ken Selasky  

Cardiac Patient

Ken Selasky experienced a heart attack at the age of 52. Listen in to hear how a minimally invasive cardiac catheterization opened up a 98% blocked vessel near his heart and saved his life.