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Mission Statement: St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is an academic program within a community hospital focused on residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology. The large volume of surgical and obstetrical patients coupled with a committed faculty using evidence-based medicine allows for training of outstanding clinicians. High academic standards in a supportive, respectful work environment allows each resident to pursue his/her specific goal of competency in the General Ob/Gyn practice or subspecialty training.

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St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor is one of the finest teaching hospitals in the Midwest. As an independent academic medical center focused on the practice and teaching of evidence based medicine, we offer our residents the best of all worlds. The environment of scholarship is defined by faculty member's active in the pursuit of knowledge. Teaching and research typically found at a university hospital is coupled with a large volume of gynecologic and obstetrical patients creating the program that "has it all".

The foundation of a resident's medical knowledge is based on a sound grasp of the basic sciences. We focus on academics through a rigorous Core curriculum lecture series, weekly Grand Rounds, and monthly Journal clubs. Weekly protected time for all of these educational sessions allows our residents to step back from the demands of patient care.

Research within our department is focused on answering clinical questions pertinent to a practicing obstetrician gynecologist. A Research Department consisting of three PhD's, four nurse coordinators and a statistician provide support to the resident completing and publishing his or her research project.

We know there is much more to a residency program than obstetrical maneuvers and surgical dexterity. Deciding when to do surgery is as important as learning how to do surgery. Compassionate care is as important as competent diagnosis. Personal development is just as important as the acquisition of professional skills. By emphasizing the entire scope of learning at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, our residents develop the skills to be complete physicians.