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Welcome to Saint Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor! The agency, non-employed and contractual staff personnel play an important role in our ability to provide high quality services delivered within a compassionate and caring environment.  We are happy to have you here and hope that you enjoy a remarkable experience.  To help you achieve a smooth transition into our organization, this web page contains policies, online education modules and mandatory forms that must be reviewed and completed BEFORE you begin your engagement with SJMHS.  Additional materials may be provided by your SJMHS contact, based on your specific job function.  Please read the Instructional Sheet first.

  1. Orientation Materials
    1. Policy 105 – Patient Care – Communications
    2. Policy 220 – Patient Rights and Responsibilities
    3. Policy 510 – SJMHS Tobacco Free Environment
    4. Policy 615 – Confidentiality
    5. Policy 625 – Employee Image Standards
    6. Policy 632 – Employee Use of Hospital Equipment
    7. Policy 639 – Parking Rules and Regulations
    8. Cyracom Instructions
    9. Handwashing
    10. Introduction to SJMHS
    11. Perspective on Trinity Health
    12. Spirituality
    13. Orientation Sign-Off

  2. Healthstream Online Education/Orientation
    a. Healthstream Instructions
    1. Mission and Values
    2. Integrity/Confidentiality
    3. Diversity
    4. Social Networking
    5. Infection Control
    6. Safety Codes
    7. General Safety
    8. Emergency Preparedness
    9. Back Care
    10. Pharmacy Waste (for those distributing medications)
    11. Hazardous Materials
    12. Equipment Safety

  3. Required Forms – Print a copy of each form, sign and return to your primary SJMHS contact.
    a. Application (for Non-Employed only)
    b. Release (for Non-Employed only)
    c. Confidentiality Agreement
    d. Conflict of Interest Form
    e. Orientation Sign-Off
    f. OIP Exclusion Statement


Non-Employed or Independent Contractor
Those individuals providing patient care through an independent contractor (i.e. Surgical Assistant), or providing care to patients (i.e. Prosteticians, Orthotists, etc.).

Agency Staff
Those individuals performing patient care services through another employer.Contractual Staff: Those individuals providing patient care through a legal contract.

Employed Associates
Those individuals hired through Human Resources that cannot start on a scheduled New Associate Orientation date. (Must be approved through Human Resources).