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The HMR® programs realize that successful weight management is a matter of learning and practicing new skills, not relying on will power. Our programs focus on teaching new lifestyle skills that will improve weight and overall health at the same time.

In Clinic Programs –The Decision Free™ Diet promotes rapid and significant weight loss under medical supervision. It is ideal for anyone who wants to lose 30 pounds or more, or whose health requires medical monitoring. This diet uses only nutritionally complete HMR shakes and entrees. The Healthy Solutions® Diet combines HMR shakes and entrees with fruits and vegetables.

HMR at Home® Program - The Healthy Solutions Quick Start™ Diet Kit is the very best of our clinic program conveniently packaged to use at home. Order by phone to receive 10% off the first 3-week kit order along with auto-delivery reorders, free shipping, and phone support. HMR Products are sold only at the Reichert Gift Shop & Pharmacy. You may also order HMR Products via the phone by calling 734-712-5540.

FREE Orientations - Free no-obligation informational sessions are offered weekly. Call 734-712-5540 for additional information or register online.

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Notices and Disclaimer
Consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise plan, especially if you have medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or any other medical condition or medication that would be affected by diet, exercise, or weight loss. Weight loss on any diet may increase your risk for gallbladder disease. This program and the materials do not in any way constitute medical advice or substitute for medical treatment of obesity and related issues. Important information for Patients on Coumadin.

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U.S. News and World Report award
HMR Program featured in 2016 US News and World Report Best Diets Ranking

Listen to Dr. Burman's
Medical Minute introduction about the HMR Program.

Patient Testimonial
The HMR program at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor helped Gerry Olexsey.

"From the moment we arrived, it just felt like home”

Gerry Olexsey faced a challenge in life. A challenge he was wasn't willing to face until he learned the hard truth of losing mobility due to being excessively overweight. Full Story