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Your gifts for St. Joe's Holiday Ball will make life-changing differences for patients in need of comprehensive Behavioral Health Services (BHS) through coordinated care from support to diagnosis to treatment.


Behavioral Health (including mental health and substance abuse) was identified by our patients and community as one of three most pressing issues affecting their lives. Mental health can affect persons of any race, age, religion and socioeconomic status.


Your support for this year's Holiday Ball will enhance care through innovative programs that improve access to behavioral health services, promote recognition of mental health symptoms; provide expert diagnosis and treatment; address mental health crises; and avoid costly ER visits and inpatient stays.

Set Sail with Us

Cecilia Pozo Fileti
Cecilia Pozo Fileti
2016 Holiday Ball Chair

In celebration of life's journeys, I was inspired to take this year's Holiday Ball guests on a grand adventure. As Chair, it is my honor and pleasure to present to you, the 2016 St. Joe's Holiday Ball, Enchanted Voyage. Sail away aboard The Queen Mary, during the majestic ocean liner's glamour years of the 1930s when guests included royalty, dignitaries and Hollywood stars. It will be an elegant evening. Board this regal ship, and together, the funds we raise will make life-changing differences for many patients, their families and our entire community through expanded and integrated Behavioral Health Services.