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What's wonderful about Huron Woods is how all of the staff treated my mother as an individual with respect and kindness.  It is truly a team effort. She has told me several times about how much help she receives and how comfortable she feels. As a daughter I always feel welcomed and encouraged to speak openly about any concerns that may arise.  There is so much support at every level for both resident and family. I definitely feel like part of the team.

- Karen O., Family Member

Huron Woods has done a wonderful job of caring for my husband and I can honestly say that I believe he's doing better mentally and physically living there than if I had kept him at home. He gets lots of social interaction, which is something he had very little of when he lived at home with just the two of us. He goes to exercise class 4 times a week, and there are art programs, gardening activities, small outings for ice cream, and a regular routine that I believe has really contributed to his mental and physical well-being. Most of all, the staff are truly caring and know what they're doing. With me, I was an amateur with only "on-the-job training" as a caregiver. I think many people hold off until there's a crisis before considering moving their loved one to a skilled facility and personally, I'm no longer sure that that's the best route to follow.

- Tamara R. Family Member

"During our first visit to Huron Woods, our dad asked us, 'Is this a country club'? We smiled that Huron Woods reminded dad of a country club because of the fun, social/family atmosphere, good food, beautiful views inside and out, entertainment, music and singing. Assisted living facility, memory care unit or a country club? Whatever you want to call Huron Woods, it is all of these for us and more - but especially, it's a loving home for our dad."

- Toula & Esther, Family Members

"We feel the staff at Huron Woods makes every effort to treat our family like their family. They understand how important it is to make each resident feel respected and appreciated. They have treated Mom and Dad with dignity and kindness, and we can see a level of genuine affection for my parents whenever we visit. I feel blessed to have a 'team of angels' caring form my parents."

- Toni O., Family Member

"What you (Huron Woods) do is special and it takes extraordinary people such as yourselves to bring the love and sincerity to the wonderful (and often challenging) individuals each and every day. The respect with which you attend to your residents is always evident."

- Mollie N., Family Member

"Many things were impressive from the start - the respect and tenderness show the residents by staff, their coordination of complete and complex care, the sincere thoughtfulness extended from the staff to the families and the greeting the other families extended to us. As a physician with thirty-plus years of experience in practice, I also observe the quality of professional services and can state that the care at Huron Woods is the best I have ever seen in a nursing residential environment (and I have seen many such places.)"

- Dr. Les S., Family Member

"What I tell people about Huron Woods is they didn't just take care of my Mom, they LOVED her. For me, having someone else care for Mom 24/7 gave me the freedom to just be her daughter. I was still involved in her care, but I was able to sleep at night, knowing that she was in capable hands and well loved."

- Jane G., Family Member