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Infusion baySJMHS hematologists and oncologists have trained at the finest research facilities in the country and have years of experience in treating all types of oncologic and hematologic disease. We use new developments in treatments, such as biologic response modifiers, targeted molecular therapies and immunotherapies - in combination with chemotherapy - to more effectively treat patients with a cancer diagnosis, which helps increase the chances of a cure.

At SJMHS, hematology / oncology patients receive diagnostic services and evidencebased recommended treatments in a welcoming and home-like setting. We pride ourselves on treating the whole patient; body, mind and spirit.

As NCI investigators, our oncologists have access to every National Cancer Institute (NCI) cooperative group clinical research trial and patients benefit from the latest breakthrough cancer therapies and targeted drugs. They work jointly with the Mayo Clinic and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to develop studies for a variety of cancers, sharing knowledge and therapeutic approaches.

We are widely respected for our broad scope of services, compassionate care, excellent quality outcomes and team approach to managing cancer.

SJMHS provides a full-spectrum of hematology treatments for patients suffering with blood disorders.