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Our goal is to help you control your risk for cardiovascular disease. We do this by determining what your risk factors are and working with you to reduce these risks. In addition to cholesterol, we evaluate blood pressure and lifestyle risks such are cigarette smoking, lack of exercise, stress and nutrition. We then create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Our team of experts includes cardiologists as well as a registered nurse and a nutritionist who are especially skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of lipid disorders.

What are "lipids" and why should I be concerned about them? 
The word "lipids" means fats. In this case it means a group of very specific fats - those that are in your blood. Why are lipids important? There is a direct link between the amounts of these different fats in your blood and your risks for developing or aggravating cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that lowering lipid levels will help prevent cardiac deaths and heart attack. This is especially important since cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of men and women in the United States today. 

Lipids are measured by means of a blood test called lipid profile. There are several different types of lipids in your blood. These are:

  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • HDL ("good") cholesterol
  • LDL ("bad") cholesterol

Each type plays in important role in either causing or preventing cardiovascular disease. You will learn about these different types of lipids as you visit the clinic. 

How does our program work? 
Initially, you will visit the "Cholesterol in Check" clinic. Your visit will include:

  • A review and discussion of your lipid profile
  • An assessment of all of your cardiovascular risk factors
  • A nutrition assessment

Then, based on the results of your assessment, we will provide you with an individualized plan to decrease your risk factors. We will include nutritional recommendations for managing your lipids and heart healthy eating. If needed, medication to control your lipids will be prescribed and carefully monitored. We will also provide guidance for controlling other risk factors you may have. You will have your blood lipid levels rechecked frequently until they are well controlled. Then we will continue to monitor your levels at appropriate intervals on an ongoing basis. We will share evaluation and progress reports with your primary care physicians regularly. 

What about follow-up? 
A real advantage of "Cholesterol in Check" is that it usually required only one office visit. Much of our contact with you after your evaluation and initial recommendations will be carried out by telephone or mail. We provide ongoing one-on-one counseling based on your lipid results and your reports on the progress you are making toward your goals. Sometimes, however, we may recommend additional visits if you should need or want extra assistance in an area of lifestyle change such as nutrition and exercise. OF course, we are always readily available by telephone to answer questions or provide support. 

What are the fees? 
Your initial visit is considered a preventive office visit. Check with your insurance carrier if you are uncertain about your coverage. In addition, we charge a nominal fee each time we review your blood lipid test results and make further recommendations. 

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