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Family and Visitors Code of Conduct

Please follow these guidelines to protect the health and well being of your baby and the other babies in the unit.

  • The NICU is locked 24 hours a day. When you come to the entrance of the NICU, the clerk or staff will open the door. As part of our infant security system, we ask that you and your visitors stop at the desk and identify yourselves prior to entering.
  • We ask that you and your family/friends remain close to your baby's bedside during visits. This is necessary to protect the privacy of other patients.
  • Always wash your hands after you enter the NICU and before you touch your baby.
  • Please put your cell phone on the vibrate mode when coming into the NICU
  • Treat other patients, families and staff with respect and consideration.
  • Adequately supervise children that are visiting.
  • Follow instructions and the plan of care developed by the patient care staff.
  • Feel free to ask questions and/or let the staff know if there is something you do not understand.
  • Respect the property and privacy of others.
  • Inform your baby's nurse or doctor if you are feeling ill at any time.