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Some remarkable babies adorn this wall. Children who began their lives facing challenges that required them to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor. Many were born prematurely or with complications at, or shortly after birth. Some were here for several days, others for several months. Some children continue to have special needs, yet others do not. Our tiniest patients, many of whom weighed less than one pound at birth, are remarkable for the courage and hope they inspire in their families, the hospital staff who helped care for them and the community at large.

The NICU proudly shares the stories of these children in the spirit of family centered care, the philosophy in which family plays a vital role in the healing process and general well being of each baby. Today, these children are our heroes of hope.

The Heroes of Hope Wall is on the 3rd floor west of the patient elevators before the NICU information desk. If your child was a former patient of the NICU and you are interested in displaying a photo and summary of your child's journey, please contact Camilla McKinnon RN at 734-712-2564.