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We know that becoming a parent is one of life’s most positive and joyful experiences. However, when unexpected events occur, talking with parents who have had similar experiences can be very comforting. The Parent-to-Parent Program at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is designed to offer parents who have a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit the support that they may need.

Our Parent-to-Parent Program is a free service. The program provides parent-to-parent support and emergency needs support for parents of a child born with a developmental or medical disability, and is sponsored by the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Parents are visited and consoled by some of the very parents that the program has assisted in the past. Together with physicians, nurses and social workers, we offer a continuum of care for you and your infant.

Parent-to-Parent volunteers are parents who…

  • Have had an infant who needed special care in the NICU, and know that it is often an unexpected and very emotional experience.
  • Have experienced your feelings and reactions, and are familiar with the medical terminologies, equipment and surroundings.
  • Have been carefully selected and trained to understand the unique needs of NICU families.

You are not alone!

Parent-to-Parent Program offers…

  • An opportunity to understand more about your infant’s special needs, and how you can participate in your infant’s care.
  • A chance to learn about the common concerns that many families experienced during their first contact with the NICU.
  • Resource information including booklets, videotapes, parent meetings and other materials.
  • An opportunity to meet and interact with parents who understand your experience, and can provide ongoing support after your baby leaves the NICU.

For more information, contact Camilla McKinnon, RN, NICU, Parent-to-Parent Program Coordinator at