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Older Adult Medicine and Stroke Inpatient Unit

If you or a loved one are a senior, and need a hospital stay for illness, you may be placed in the Older Adult Inpatient Unit at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Here, unit staff members are specially trained to address the needs of older adult patients while they are in the hospital. This 42-bed medical unit is designed to change aspects of the hospital environment that can be disorienting or otherwise difficult for older patients. Carpeting, wall coverings, under-bed night lights, additional hallway lighting and other environmental factors can enhance a patient’s ability to judge distances and boundaries.

Our staff members work closely with the patient to maximize their activity levels, prevent or decrease confusion and depression, control bladder or bowel incontinence, decrease the use of tranquilizers and other sedative medications and reduce skin deterioration. Staff members are also committed to providing current recommended care practices for all of our older patients.