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Our 12-bed pediatric unit features all private rooms equipped with a bathroom and shower. Each room is 300 square feet and provides a family zone dedicated for family and visitors. The family zone includes a comfortable recliner, and a chair that converts into a bed to accommodate a parent or caregiver. We encourage you to stay 24-hours-a-day with your child during hospitalization. Each room has a patient media system with a 32-inch flat screen television for education and entertainment. Nintendos and VCR/DVD players are available upon request, and there's a lending library of age-appropriate movies. There's even a playroom filled with toys for all.

Other pediatric services include:

  • Children's books
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Fish tank
  • Pet therapy
  • Arts and crafts
  • Strollers for children who are free to visit the hallway
  • Volunteer staff who enjoy working and playing with children
  • Security system