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JimJim works in the financial industry and is an active 61-year old gentleman who loves to golf. While visiting his family doctor for routine blood work in 2007, he was surprised to learn that his PSA level was elevated. Jim’s physician referred him to a urologist for further testing, and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A short time later, Jim was scheduled for Radiation Seed Therapy at a local area hospital. Although the doctors recommended the treatment, he wasn’t convinced that it was right for him.

Was it divine intervention when Jim’s pastor told him about CyberKnife? “I can’t tell you this as a pastor but as your friend I’ve heard about CyberKnife and it’s something you might want to check out.” Jim decided to learn more about the newest radiosurgery treatment. When driving to a client’s, Jim noticed the CyberKnife billboard and amazingly heard the radio ad at the same time.

“Since I was in the area I drove right to the hospital and asked a staff member at the Cancer Center to help me. They connected me to the intake coordinator Jennifer right away. She’s just - you’re lucky to have someone like her on your staff.”

Jim soon had an appointment with Dr. George Henning, a radiation oncologist, and they discussed treatment options including surgery, standard radiation, radiation seed therapy and CyberKnife.

“Dr. Henning…of all the doctors I dealt with, he was the most informative because he has experience in all areas. He didn’t try to push one procedure over another,” Jim recalled.

“Basically the bottom line to me was why not do CyberKnife? It’s five days, and if it didn’t work, everything else is still open to you. So it’s sort of a no-brainer,” Jim said. “I finished up on Friday and continued with all my activities all week long. When you get cancer, you’re sort of hoping to get a little sympathy from people, but I couldn’t get any because nobody could see any difference…”

Six months after the CyberKnife treatments, Jim’s PSA level had decreased significantly.

“There’s no way I would change anything,” Jim said of his CyberKnife experience.