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  • Aquatic Exercise
    Aquatic therapy is offered in a local warm water pool with temperatures ranging from 84-88 degrees and a hot tub that ranges from 100-104 degrees.  The therapeutic temperature of the water provides a safe and healthy environment for exercise with a lower impact on muscles and joints.

  • Community Reintegration
    Community reintegration is provided in individual or group sessions. Focus is on educating patients on leisure resources offered in their communities and increasing comfort in social situations, safety awareness, decision-making skills, executive functioning skills, money management, time management, activity tolerance, social interaction with peers in the community, problem solving skills and strength/endurance.

  • Conditioning Exercise
    Conditioning exercise is offered for individuals or groups. Each patient is provided with a cardio and weight training routine with consideration of each individual’s restrictions and diagnosis. Patients are educated on exercise heart rate, proper lifting techniques, the benefits of aerobic exercise, safety using equipment and proper stretching techniques.

  • Horticulture Therapy
    Horticulture therapy is provided for individuals or groups. Sessions may include education on adapted gardening equipment, planting various plants in pots for easier accessibility, planning out gardens and assisting with gardening at St. Joes’s hoop houses with Farmer Daniel Bair.

  • Leisure Education/Activities
    Leisure education/activities are provided for individuals or groups. The main focus is to reintegrate patients back into activities they enjoyed doing prior to their illness or accident. Leisure education/activities help patients work on memory, activity tolerance, socialization, executive functioning, time management, strength/endurance, mood, motor skills, hand eye coordination, increasing leisure knowledge and interests, and experiencing success.

  • Relaxation Activities
    Relaxation exercises are provided on an individual basis. Sessions include Education on deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga.

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